The industrial process of furniture manufacture is often environmentally unsustainable.
Highly toxic paints and glues are usually employed, accountable for the emission of huge quantities of volatile compounds into the environment, and which also contribute to a serious degradation of the air quality inside our homes. The process literally predate on noble raw materials such as wood, contributing to deforestation. Finally, it is not concerned at all about furniture’s end-of-life, and therefore 80-90% of EU furniture waste is either incinerated or landfilled.
Yet furniture is a fundamental component of interior design aesthetics, as well as the shape of our interaction with life and the world.
Therefore it is necessary to conscientiously rethink, design and implement an entire furniture life cycle with a nice feedback on both ourselves and the planet.


No Smoking the future produces furniture without releasing harmful substances into the environment, because it is basically made from nutrients that support nature and all living beings, and can subsequently be recycled naturally into the biosphere or the technosphere.
It has a positive impact instead of a less negative one, is good instead of less bad.
No trees are purposefully cut down and employed for the production of our furniture, therefore they all are still alive, continuing to bind CO2 in their wood and the soil.
The net result is: both our raw materials and end products are nice to the climate.


Literally speaking, there are no “wastes” in our construction process. Just like in nature, they constitute instead our raw material. The Man of No smoking the future thus becomes an opportunity to positively contribute to pacific coexistence on our planet.

Print shops deal with a very high flow of materials, and even several hundred proof sheets are needed and discarded in order to reach the final result.
We craft paper waste from the printing process into healthy, high-quality furniture. The paper comes exclusively from Cradle-to-Cradle certified print jobs, in order to ensure that both the paper and its printing inks are designed not to have a negative impact on the biosphere.


Our materials consist of Cradle-to-Cradle paper, glue, fiber, and natural pigments. That is, only healthy nutrients, that will be absorbed by the ecological system once their end-of-life is reached, to become part of something new.


Our products are entirely handmade.
The craftsmanship in the production process gives to the object the energy that the industrial product necessarily lacks.
Our product line features the lightness, aesthetics, and color of plastic furniture that was the focus of international design in the 1970s. However, our material’s positive attitude towards the planet, and its handmade quality, produce the effect of a brand-new reinterpretation of the object, so that it becomes also contemporary.
In our post-industrial perspective, everything acquires a meaning, and every waste can live a new life. Even a worn-out plastic bowl may become the mould through which we generate new design concepts.